Is My Video Marketing Working?

I’m sure we are all familiar with the marketing rhetoric around the importance of video, and we talk about it often enough to be more familiar than most. However, once we have accepted that it is a crucial part of most marketing campaigns, how do we judge whether it’s working, and more importantly, how does it stack up value-wise against the rest of our marketing campaign, and can we do anything to improve it’s impact?

Useful Metrics

It’s important to be goal oriented for starters, a good campaign will be designed with a particular intent, whether that is trying to sell more products or to change a brands image you have a primary statistic you can track. Naturally some are easier to track than others, selling more products is a pretty straightforward one which you can generally put a direct monitory value on. Changing a brand image is somewhat trickier and may require some before and after campaign research, luckily this sort of campaign is generally only going to be needed by large corporations with access to such information.

Other than tracking this primary aim there are some more general statistics that will help identify the success of your video marketing, and no, the view count isn’t necessarily one of them, unless of course, exposure is your only goal. Naturally, it shouldn’t be in most cases, because targeted advertising is going to be far more effective than blanketing; so getting your video seen by one person in the correct demographic could potentially be more beneficial than a thousand random views. So go ahead and get Google Analytics installed on your site if you don’t already have it.

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Visitor Time On Site

Obviously the more you can engage your visitors the better, and there are few better ways to engage an audience currently than video content. A dramatic increase in the time your visitors spend on your site when you add a video to your home page is a great indicator that your visitors are engaging more with your product or brand, and by proxy, that your video marketing is getting results. You can go even further with this and use tracking software to see at what point your viewers lose interest in your videos in order to improve future iterations and get more information about your visitors interests.

Page Views

If this additional time on your site also adds to the average page view count then it is a great sign that your videos are resonating with your audience, and that after watching it they want to know more about you, your brand or product. If however, your average page views per visit remain static even though the average time on site has increased due to the addition of video to your home page, then there is something going wrong. It’s time to look into what your visitors are not liking about your marketing, again, additional tracking software can be really useful here.

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Naturally, you would expect your conversions to increase if your marketing is making a positive difference, but to know exactly how much of this increase is down to your video campaign exclusively can be tracked with a call to action at the end of your videos. When your video appears on social media and someone takes the suggested action at the end, whether that is visiting your site or purchasing your product, assigning a unique link to each part of your campaign will allow you to know exactly which is the most efficient. Additionally, you will probably expect to see more inquiries too as part of most campaigns success criteria, an exception may be when you are exclusively using the video campaign to impress inquiring clients and move them down the funnel.


Although somewhat more oblique in terms of marketing success, shares are a really good indicator of loyalty from your existing customers, and of genuine engagement for your video. That is, of course, as long as your video is being shared for the right reasons; not that that always matters, sometimes even negative exposure can have positive results.

There are naturally a lot of other useful stats that are readily available, and by working closely with a video production company that are specialists in video SEO and creative result oriented products you should be able to continue to improve your results whatever your commercial area.


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