6 Ways to Grow Your Business With Video Marketing

By February 27, 2017Video Production News

Video production is an effective way for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to multi-nationals, to build strong, long-lasting relationships with customers, quickly translate information to consumers promote your brand’s core values & improve your website search rankings.

A well executed video marketing campaign can dramatically increase awareness of a businesses’ product or service and play an integral role in the growth of any company. There are many different types of video content that businesses can use to get great results, below I’ve listed 6 really effective styles of video content alongside some information about choosing the right type of video for your business.

Product Videos
Product videos are a fantastic way to showcase everything that your product can do in 30-60 seconds (product features, USP’s etc.)  in an easily shareable form that you can promote through social media platforms, live events, sales meetings and LCD displays. It gives consumers a visual understanding of your product and what it can do, allowing you to demonstrate & promote it’s capabilities in the best possible light.

Delving into the technical & detailed aspects of a product is another great way to interact with your consumers and share what makes your product better than the competitions, the more informed about a product a consumer feels the more likely they’ll be able to move forward with a purchase – increasing conversions and growing your business.

Product videos can also be really effective when tied into the launch of a new product and create a buzz around it’s release, when managed professionally it can make a huge difference to the sales of a product launch.

 Branded Content
In recent years more and more brands are harnessing the power of branded content within their video marketing campaigns, and it’s easy to see why, when produced & distributed correctly it can be one of the most powerful forms of marketing and put your business in-front of millions of members of your target market.

The lines between conventional advertising and branded content have never been more blurred, the use of online video to tell brands’ stories has been at the heart of this, with so much content online and users desensitization to traditional adverts, marketers have turned to the creation of compelling, authentic content that resonates with their consumers. This is a really effective way of connecting with your consumers and building loyal, genuine relationships – ultimately you’re creating content that they want to watch or be associated with, this then creates a greater awareness of your brand/ product without feeling intrusive or as if you’re being advertised to.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are the ideal way to quickly & accurately inform consumers about your product or service, it’s especially effective when it’s used to explain something completely new, unique from your competition or a complicated product.

The reason for the recent high number of companies choosing to produce explainer videos is down to the fact that the majority of online users would much rather watch a short video explaining something than read a long text article. It’s also much easier to understand something with a visual aid, with video you can clearly demonstrate a product’s use or how a service operates, with very little room of inaccurate interpretations or leaving potential consumers confused.

As I briefly mentioned in the introduction, explainer videos are also a really powerful way to boost your SEO and search engine ranking positions, check out my video production online distribution guide for more information on achieving the best possible results.

Interview Videos
A marketing video that incorporates a talking head is one of the most common videos businesses create, it’s proven to be an effective method of breaking down the faceless, corporate image of large corporations, there are many variations for creating this style of content with a versatility & re-purposing-flexibility potential that’s almost limitless.

This type of video can be used for many reasons, whether it’s explaining the benefits of your service, relaying case study information or as a low-cost method of training staff, when produced well an interview video can be compelling and engaging, and translate your brand image.

Testimonial Videos
Testimonial videos can be an extremely powerful form of video marketing for any business, it’s one thing to read a written review or quote about your product or service, but immensely more compelling to watch a professionally produced video that encapsulates a consumers journey and experience of your company – with primarily online businesses it can instantly increase credibility and give your brand the all important authenticity a potential consumer needs to purchase your product.

Ultimately, consumers trust other consumers, and the most effective way of establishing this trust online is with a testimonial video.

Event Videos

There’s no better way to capture the atmosphere of an event that with a videoEvent videos prove to be a fantastic tool for marketers to expand audiences, sell tickets and grow events, whether you need to sell your vision of your next festival to an investor or potential sponsor or social-proof a new event to new potential attendees video has the ability to be edited into a diverse range of content to achieve your goals.

Similarly, to my comments regarding testimonial videos, event videos can incorporate aspects of previous attendees telling viewers how much they have got out of an event, why they’ll definitely be back and what those that didn’t attend have missed out on – speeding up the growth of your future events!

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