7 Ways To Re-Purpose Your Video To Guarantee Results

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Re-purposing your videos is a fantastic way to breathe new life into your content and maximise your video production budget. Within this blog I’m going to run through some of the most effective methods and strategies to ensure your video content gets the best possible results for your business, with new social media platforms and video hosting sites popping up all the time it’s always important to know your target market and how they are interacting with your brand – using some of the methods below you have the potential to significantly increase your content reach and grow your brand.

Through tracking and analysing interactions/ traffic you’ll soon get to know what type of content has the most impact for your business and can then begin to produce video content tailored to a specific platform. When starting to develop your cross-platform video distribution strategy be sure to create a tight continuity amongst all of your content and don’t forget to include call-to-actions within your posts to see results from your marketing.

Short Teaser Style Videos

Short teaser videos are great for driving traffic from social media to the page on your website that you’ve embedded the full video. Aim for between 6-20 seconds long and follow the social media tips above to tailor your video content to the platforms you’re sharing on, make sure you choose the most exciting and interesting clips from your full length video to grab viewers attention when they’re scrolling through their news-feeds.

Muted Homepage Background Video

Refresh the look of your homepage by adding a background video, I’d always suggest muting these as there’s nothing worse then entering a website with autoplay audio blaring away! I’ve seen some really impressive background/ slider videos but also some that aren’t so amazing, be selective with the shots you choose to include in this video – timelapses and slow-motion close-ups generally work quite well. Also, try to avoid making your homepage look too messy or the menu difficult to read, black and white is an easy way to go to stop this becoming too much of an issue with most colour schemes,  but have a play and see what works for your website.

Trade Shows, Office Loops & Digital Advertising

Another brilliant way to maximise the use of your video is offline playing, having an eye-catching video on loop at a trade-show can set you apart from the competition and tempt in more people to your stand. Overlaying motion graphics and adding subtitles are both great way to improve engagement and hook in viewers as often sound isn’t possible – however a pair of headphones usually allowed!

Additionally, these re-worked videos can look really professional on screens in office waiting rooms and receptions, in-fact anywhere you think you’re target market might view your video – focusing on digital marketing offline can sometimes be really effective and is often overlooked by competitors , think about Hotels, Gyms, City Centre Big-Screens, Transport Systems and so on.

Tailored Social Media Videos

This is probably the most obvious and common way brands re-purpose video content, below I’ve outlined some important factors to consider for each of the five main social media platforms that can deliver huge results with video marketing.

Slow-motion gets likes! Cooking, excersise and fashion videos are all areas with large amounts of followers for your brand to tap into.

Keep it short, use text and subtitles to hook in viewers on facebook’s silent auto-play.

Firstly, be sure to use a an eye-catching thumbnail! Short explainer videos are great for the B2B aspect of twitter.

Similar to instagram, focus on including beautiful shots – shallow DOF, lens flares and heavily graded footage performs well.

I’d recommend using my blog idea below, alternatively interviews with industry experts and testimonials videos are great for this platform.

Blogs, Guides &  Landing Pages

Including your video within a how-to blog is a great way to drive new traffic to your website and get users sharing your content. Perhaps there’s a small part of your video that’s relevant to a guide you’ve already written – re-work the content share through all your social media outlets.

Landing pages are a really effective way to target long-tail keyword searches and featuring an optimised video on these pages will help improve your SERPs, again depending on your video content you can either taking shorter parts relevant to the landing page you’re creating or use the whole video. Don’t forget to add all the important meta information to your video sitemap to ensure Google knows about your video. See this online video distribution guide if you’re unsure about how to do this.

60 Second Edit

If you’ve created a video that’s 2-3 minutes long why not put together another shorter, snappier edit to get even more engagement. Choose the very best sections from your previous video and cut together a highlights version – with online attention spans becoming ever shorter and the competition to engage audiences becoming increasingly tougher, shorter edits are always worthwhile and it might even out-perform your original video!

Audio Podcasts

If you’re video is instructional, educational or very niche an audio podcast may be the way to go. Simply cut the best sections of audio from your video and upload to Soundcloud and any other podcasts platforms you feel your target audience may engage with.

Audio podcasts are still extremely popular due to the ability to listen whilst driving, exercising, cooking & working and again this may be a marketing area your competitors have overlooked. Once you’ve taken the time to re-purpose your video into an audio podcast, you could even take a look at the potential for creating a short radio advert from your content.

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