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Why Create A Corporate Video?

There are a great many reasons why a corporate video would benefit your business, but by far the most important one is engagement. Everyone consumes information differently, and a tailored corporate video will engage your target demographic both visually and audibly. Whether your aim is to increase sales or train employees the goal is always to educate; either why people should use your product or service, or to provide staff with training. The vast majority of people find it easier and more enjoyable to learn through video than any other method.

Which leads on to the second great reason for a corporate video – it’s really easy to share. Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, change your company image, or tell people about a great new product, sharing a video on your website and social media is quick and easy. In a world where the majority of media consumption happens on social networks it’s a real benefit to be able to tap into that potential customer base in an engaging way.

Also, because Google loves video, a corporate video can help your SEO and therefore reach more people. You only have to look at most search results these days to see the way the Google search algorithm is leaning, and of course it’s no real surprise all those videos are at the top of searches, seeing as they own YouTube. Fortunately it’s easy to take advantage of this with a well key-worded corporate video, especially in a niche where your competitors are yet to catch on.

A corporate video helps you to share what you believe, not just what you do. Consumers are more conscious of their actions than ever, and the choices they are presented with are also more varied. Simply offering the best products at the best prices may not be enough anymore, although it never hurts of course. However, if your company ethos can resonate with the personal values of your target demographic you are certainly going to increase your conversions, look at fair trade products. What better way to get that message out there than a well crafted corporate video production.

“Their work is to the highest standard and always receives great feedback across our multi-site platform. Regarding our latest commission, we found that they handled the brief and managed contingencies exceptionally well and delivered films which we are proud to share with our audience.”
Michelle Phillips – Literature Works

video production

Sphere – Securewest International

A corporate video we created to translate the key information about the Securewest Sphere Travel Management Platform.

video production company

Spinnaker International – iBox

A promotional film demonstrating the use of Spinnaker International's iBox.

Video Marketing Company

New Lion Brewery

An interactive online promotional video we created for Totnes-based New Lion Brewery's beers Pandit, Mane Event and Totnes Stout

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Why Choose Us For Corporate Video Production?

At Pulse Studio we pride ourselves on finding creative solutions to your corporate video production needs. As a growing business ourselves we understand the passion and dedication which goes into what you do, and we want to help you express that to your customers. We listen to your story, and work with you to develop that into a great video marketing tool. Our competitive video prices and passion for producing high quality video content ensures our client’s receive fantastic service from the ideas stage through to the final product.

We have a real passion for film, and our experience in creating short narrative films has helped us develop the creative cinematic style with which we approach our projects.  We’ve established ourselves as a leading provider of corporate video and promotional videos throughout the South West, Bristol and London, and are trusted by a number of high profile clients for recurring work. Our talented team have won multiple awards for their work, including one from the Royal Television Society.

Creating content which will excite and engage your audience is important, but equally, so are production values. Our professional corporate video production team will never disappoint in terms of quality, shooting on the latest 4K cameras, and using state of the art digital editing software.

As an independent UK corporate video production company we welcome projects from all over the UK and carry out much of our video production in Bristol and London.

Get in touch using the form to the left, and we’ll get back to you with a quote for your video project.

Still Not Convinced…
Discover these Benefits to Using Corporate Video to Promote Your Business

Increase Conversion Rates

Many surveys have been conducted proving that corporate videos are the most effective way of converting website visitors into actual customers. A recent study by shows that using a corporate video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%.

Improve Google Search Rankings

Ranking on the Google’s first page is a top priority for most businesses, so Since Googles Hummingbird search algorithm update, SERPs prioritize video results, with the aim of ranking ‘quality content’ over keyword optimisation. Google’s Head of Web spam, Matt Cutts, estimates the Hummingbird update in September 2013 affected over 90% of search queries. The way that most people use the internet fundamentally changed, and the shift toward helpful video content in SERPs is still in full swing.

The average time an individual spends on a webpage is less than eight seconds – people quickly leaving your website after viewing a single page will result in a lower Google ranking, not to mention they probably won’t be back to purchase a product. Corporate Video is the easiest way to make people stay on your site longer!

Harness the Power of the Internet

A corporate video doesn’t necessarily have to just be available to view on your website. Sharing video content through Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook and Twitter is a great way to generate new customers, increase your company’s profile and grow your business.  Videos are much more easily shareable than text web pages through the use of embeds. Ultimately, people are more likely to share and watch videos on the internet than read blocks of text on a single webpage.

corporate video production

Clearly Convey Your Product or Service

The vast majority of people would much rather watch a video than read text. With corporate video potential customers are able to gain a much better understanding of the product or service you provide once they see and listen and watch someone explaining it. Corporate videos provide businesses with a way to clearly and effectively convey their values, products and services. In addition to this a corporate video allows you to directly connect with your customers, allowing you the opportunity to let them know what your business can do for them and most importantly why they should choose you over the competition.

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