Free 4k Lower Thirds Pack – After Effects Download

Cutomisable Lower Thirds Pack

We’re giving away a free pack of lower thirds perfect for interviews and talking heads, easily customisable for After Effects novices. Why? Because we’re nice like that.

Give your corporate video production the professional look with minimal effort, simply download the pack from the button below, which includes the font installers too.

Download Free
Talking Heads Like A Pro

Lower thirds are a great way to give your video a professional look, but there are a load of other things to consider too. So if you’ve got some interviews or talking heads to shoot and are looking for some tips why not check out our complete guide to talking head video production.

How To Customise The Lower Thirds

We’ve created a really short tutorial video to demonstrate how easy the lower thirds are to customise. They all work using expressions tied to the top two layers, the control layer and the animation keyframes layer; so pretty much all the editing can be done using these two layers. They are 4k resolution too, so you can drop them onto any resolution 4k or below, scale them down, and retain the quality.

A couple of things to remember when editing. Firstly, if you are going to change the fonts then try to match the size of the new font to roughly that of the old one by scaling the font in the character window. Because some of the animations rely on the anchor point and size of the font this should help prevent anything weird happening to the animations, then the rest should be controllable through the keyframes. Secondly, when adjusting the keyframes be aware that some of the animations rely on them being in a certain order (the order they are in when you open the composition), but you may be able to make other adjustments to make the changes work; so play around with them and see what you can create.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below, on the video tutorial, and we are planning on releasing more After Effects packs in the future so do give us a follow or a bookmark. Also if there is anything that you would find particularly useful then also leave a comment and we’ll see what we can do to help. Thanks, and have fun.