Mental Health Video Project – Shine

Earlier this year we were commissioned to create a series of mental health awareness videos as part of the Shine project at Plymouth University. Throughout the project we interviewed a number of university students who had previously suffered from mental illness.

In total we created 18 videos which will be used as an online resource for students and members of the public to learn more about how mental illness affects individual’s lives along with information about the ways in which you can seek support. The project was mostly made up of video interviews with students, staff and experts within the field, alongside shorter vine videos designed to help promote the campaign through social media.

It was a really interesting project to have the privilege of working on and was amazing to see how open  all of the individuals involved we’re about their experiences with the desire to help others who are going through similar problems.

We were also commissioned to create a more in-depth short documentary about one of the participants, so we look forward to sharing that with you in the coming weeks.