We had a lot of fun working with the Plymouth Film Festival on their brand identity and digital marketing in the lead up to their third festival, we were asked to create and manage all of their digital media content to include a festival trailer, video stings,  billboard adverts, VIP passes, flyers, posters and programmes.

We worked with the festival team to develop a strong and cohesive brand strategy to raise the festival’s profile on a national level whilst staying true to their core values. The festival aims to bring like minded individuals together in a 3 day celebration of film.


2016 Film Festival Branding & Digital Media


Plymouth Film Festival


Video Production, Brand Identity, Graphic Design

We edited the 2016 Trailer

from all of the 70+ films screening

over the course of the festival weekend.

The brief was to include as many of the films as possible from a wide range of genres, whilst doing our best to maintain a structure & flow throughout the video that would both inspire and uplift viewers, with the aim of showcasing the quality of films and encouraging people to attend. 

We created 3 video stings to

compliment each of the brand elements,

to help promote the festival through social media.

Our idea was keep the stings short and simple.

Here’s a short ident we

created to be provide brand continuity

throughout all of the video content produced.

Within this ident we included a mixture of films screened at the festival over the past 3 years, edited into a fast-paced video that grabs viewers attention. 

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