Talking Head Videos produced across the UK,
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you with high quality professional interview videos.

Talking Head Videos allow you to communicate your message in

an engaging, easily shareable way.

Talking Head Videos Are Unique & Personal

Creative talking head video production delivers your company story, personal message, testimonial or expert opinion in a relatable and individual manner.

A talking head video is the next best thing to being in a room with somebody and with the easily shareable nature of video content you can quickly and professionally deliver your message to millions of viewers online!

Studio Interviews

Studio Interviews

Event Interviews

Event Interviews

Location Interviews

Location Interviews

Why Choose Us To Create Your Video?

In-House Video, Post-Production and Animation Services

We can produce a varying range of talking head video styles from standard two-camera interviews to incorporated motion graphics or animation to highlight key pieces of information or even “Behind The Scenes” looks.

We also provide subtitling and translation services for all video content we produce, simple branded name/job title graphics, company or organisation logos and other type of animated content you’d like to include. With social media marketing many viewers scrolling through their news-feeds don’t watch videos with sound, therefore eye-catching graphics are a really effective way to engage users and improve viewer figures.

National & International Production Services

Our video production team works all over the UK, and we also have experience in providing crews internationally when required.

We’re able to carry out filming in your company or organisations premises, outdoor locations, hotels, production studios or almost anywhere you need us to be, our reduced size modern production equipment allows us to be very flexible when it comes to deciding upon a suitable location for your talking head video.

With social media marketing many viewers scrolling through their news-feeds don’t watch videos with sound, therefore eye-catching graphics are a really effective way to engage users and improve viewer figures.

Our Friendly, Professional & Experienced Team

Professional sound and image quality are integral to the success of talking head videos online,  our experienced and specialist production team have developed the necessary skills to produce, film and edit this style of video to ensure very video we create is of exceptional quality.

Our well planned shoots allow for minimal interruption to interviewees schedules and through careful planning and thorough preparation ensure the production of your talking head video is the best it can possibly be.

With Competitive Prices & High Production Values, You’ll Love What Our

Production Team Can Produce For You!

Corporate Talking Head Videos

Corporate video production is an area our team is extremely knowledgeable in, often interviewees we film have very little to no experience in being in front of the camera, this is where our specialist experience can make all the difference.

We always create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for our interviewees to feel completely at ease, discussing the different talking points and key messages you’d like to translate prior to filming to ensure the video production process runs smoothly.

Our preparation process involves us gaining an understanding of your company/ organisation, the goals for producing the video and your target audience, allow us to tailor each production to align with your requirements.

Our production team are always happy to discuss the type of video that would best suit your content and brand to create a talking head video that delivers your important messages in the most effective way possible.

B-Roll & Editing

Our experienced post-production crew will select the very best parts of your interview and stitch them together to create your video, our team always go the extra mile to colour grade footage and fine-tune audio recordings to get a professional, high-production value film.

We can discuss the different options in terms of a straight interview, B-roll filming (inserts, relevant cutaway footage) or even stock / image & animation possibilities, our process ensures that our interviewees come across concise, articulate and professional every time.

We’ll bring you face to face with your audience!

Perhaps you have a travelling sales person that you’d like to record a pitch video for, a customer testimonial to share a positive experience or a CEO interview for your company’s homepage, these are all talking head videos that could benefit your company or organisation.

Talking head video production is a low-cost, simple and effective way to deliver your message to an online audience, increasing credibility and authenticity that other traditional media mediums aren’t able to achieve.

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Talking Head Video Production Company Bristol and London
Talking Head Video Production Company Bristol and London

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