nightclub promo video

OPA Bristol – Nightclub Promo

A promotional social media video we created for OPA nightclub in Bristol.

event video production london

Hole and Corner – Port Eliot Festival 2016

A highlights video filmed at the Hole & Corner tent at the 2016 Port Eliot Festival.

video production company

Research Documentary Production

A short documentary we created which followed Professor Eduardo Miranda’s research and the build up to one of his performances.

video production


A short promotional documentary for Plymouth based ship restorers Ship Shape which captures both their passion and personality, and details the unique process they have developed.

A Coffee With Rosie – Short Film

A powerful and personal short film in which Rosie talks about how traumatic childhood experiences affected her mental health.

Product Videos

We created a series of social media teaser videos in the build up to MC2 Audio's latest product release, in addition to a full spec. product video and logo reveal.

video production

Plymouth University Alumni

A short video we created for Plymouth Connect.

video production

Sphere – Securewest International

A corporate video we created to translate the key information about the Securewest Sphere Travel Management Platform.

London Video Production Company

Pulse Studio – Showreel

Take a quick look at some of the amazing projects we've produced over the years in this showreel.

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Spinnaker International – iBox

A promotional film demonstrating the use of Spinnaker International's iBox.

corporate video production


A promotional video we created for Plymouth University to show off their fantastic facilities.

Conference Video Production


A Video featuring highlights from the 2015 Off The Lip Cognovo Conference.

event filming

Respect Festival

A high energy celebration of diversity and culture taking place around the city over a weekend.

talking head video production

Shine Mental Health Video Interviews

We were commissioned to create a series of videos with individuals who had suffered from mental illnesses as part of the Shine Project.

Event Filming Videography

Plymouth International Book Festival

The book festival is an exciting oportunity for aspiring writers to meet their literary idols and includes readings, discussions, workshops, and competitions spread across the city.

Design Society – Exhibition

A short video we produced for the Plymouth Design Society.

fashion videography

Fashion Videography

This short was produced to promote the new 2014 range of swimwear from Amoir Camaira.

high education video company

Higher Education University Promo Video

We were recently commissioned to create a promotional film for Devon and Cornwall Outreach Network, the video will be used in schools to promote higher education to a wide range of school-age students.

Video Marketing Company

New Lion Brewery

An interactive online promotional video we created for Totnes-based New Lion Brewery's beers Pandit, Mane Event and Totnes Stout

corporate video production

Devon & Cornwall Police

We were tasked with creating an awareness video for the dangers of stranger assaults on girls on nights out. The police wanted a creative approach which caught the attention of the target demographic and stayed away from the bullet point videos we are so used to. This short dramatisation is what we came up with.

video interview production


This is the first of an ongoing series of videos to document the Cognovo research project for Plymouth University. In this video we meet the candidates for the first time and capture their excitement at the possibilities ahead.

video production company

Women in Science – Born from Curiosity

An advert we were commissioned to create to encourage girls to pursue a career in the sciences.

video interview company

Interview – Camille Parmesan

We have done countless interviews and always love meeting and chatting with interesting and inspirational people. This example is part of a series of videos to encourage girls to go on to study science, technology, engeneering, and maths at university level and beyond. Nobel prize winning environmental scientist prof. Camille Parmesan talks here about the exciting opportunities it has afforded her.

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Fiction Showreel

It's been a while since we had the opportunity to create a short film ourselves so here's a look back at what we did last year.

video production


Winner of the coveted TwoFour award for best fiction film. This is a short horror comedy about a girl, a gypsy, and a magical camera. It was inspired by the works of Sam Raimi, George A. Romero, and Jos Whedon.

video production company

Blind Faith – Short Film

The first short that we worked on together, and probably still our favourite. Our hapless heroes have witnessed a crime and are off to sell their silence, what could possibly go wrong? Blind Faith is a dark comedy inspired by the gritty Brit flicks of Guy Ritchie.